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Why Buy From GPC

Earth-Friendly Benefits
why1.jpgHere at Green Garden Tools we are committed to selling quality garden tools that emit zero pollution. Every weekend, about 54 million Americans mow their lawns and tend to their gardens while using more than 800 million gallons of gas per year and producing tons of air pollutants.

Don't let the fact that their engines are small lead you to believe that they don't pollute. In most cases, they can be worse the automobiles when it comes to pollution. In fact, ONE lawn mower can produce as much pollutants equivalent to driving 43 new cars 12,000 miles every year!

Even smaller garden equipment engines such as trimmers and edgers can be detrimental to the environment. Having had unregulated emissions until recently, gas-powered lawn and garden tools emit high levels of carbon monoxide, volatile organic compounds and nitrogen oxides. To put this in perspective, according to the EPA, lawn and garden equipment produces up to 5% of the nation's air pollution each year.

By shifting to eco-friendly lawn and garden tools, you can help reduce the impact that lawn and garden equipment has on the earth. Electric, battery-powered, and even propane-powered equipment helps fight pollution, reduces our dependence of foreign oil, reduces outdoor water consumption, and eliminates harmful fumes from being emitted into the atmosphere.

Our products are specifically designed to help you get your work done faster, easier, and more efficiently when compared to gas-powered equipment. All without the environmental impact, wasted fuel, and harmful fumes.

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why2.jpg Aside from the environmental benefits of eco-friendly lawn and garden equipment, there are also money-saving advantages as well. Green technology has advanced to the point where eco-friendly equipment can rival that of gas-powered machines in both power and cost.

While our green lawn and garden tools are comparable in cost to their gasoline counterparts, it's the ongoing operation and upkeep that brings on the true benefit.

Where gas and oil-powered lawn equipment can cost up to hundred dollars or more in gasoline, tune-ups, and maintenance, battery-powered and electric eco-friendly power tools cost as little as five dollars a year to maintain.

In addition, our Combo tool units provide a cost-effective way to benefit from several different tools without having to purchase separate equipment. Think of it...you can purchase ONE power unit (we offer Lithium-powered and Propane-powered combo tools) and then add attachments to create up to eight tools in one.

Rather than have EIGHT different gas-powered engines to fill, service, and repair, you can have one low-cost, yet ultra-powerful and versatile power unit. You'll not only save on storage space but you'll save money as well!

Aside from lower usage and maintenance costs, our green lawn and garden tools come with ongoing support after the sale, fast delivery, and dealer-direct pricing on nearly everything we sell. With eco-friendly alternatives, there is no more gasoline to buy, no motors to service, and no engines to repair.

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why3.jpg You don't need noise, fumes, gasoline, and heavy lawn equipment to cultivate and maintain a beautiful yard. Power comes in many forms and you'll be pleasantly surprised to learn that quiet, clean, and cordless doesn't mean a sacrifice in performance.

The electric lawn mowers and cordless lawnmowers that we sell are designed to feed your lawn as they cut so that you can nurture your grass and help it come in thicker and greener. Aside from mulching mowers, we also offer a line of robotic lawn mowers so that you can enjoy a beautiful hands-off mowing experience.

With our eco-friendly line of tools, you can enjoy a truly "green" lawn and garden. Not only in visual appearance but in concept and purpose as well. You will be able to remove stubborn weeds, edge your lawn, till your land, and perform various landscaping duties all without chemicals, fumes, and heavy equipment.

We offer a wide range of green lawn and garden tools for nearly any task. From tree pruners to grass shears to chippers, we can help you go green, grow green, and save green! In the end, you'll save time, money, and energy. All while enjoying a beautiful yard and garden.

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why4.jpgWith eco-friendly lawn and garden tools, you won't have to shoo your family into the house while you deal with loud noise, heavy machines, and noxious fumes. The green garden and lawn tools on our site offer the benefit of safer operation, reduced noise, and eliminated pollution.

Imagine mowing or tending to your landscaping tasks while still being able to hear birds chirp, children laugh, and the other sounds of nature. Imagine breathing fresh air and not gas fumes. And imagine a safer environment for your family.

You won't need to worry about storing gasoline, escaping fumes, or spilling fuel. Many of our tools are also designed to save you time so that you can spend more time with your family and less time behind lawn and garden tools.

Our tools are lighter and easier to use than their gasoline alternatives so that the whole family can get involved. We are elated to know that those with a handicap and those who are elderly can use our tools to enjoy their passion for gardening.

Lighter, safer, quieter, and more efficient. It's no wonder why more and more people are making the switch to the powerful line of eco-friendly lawn and garden tools we offer. Try them yourself...your neighbors, your family, and your body will thank you!

Discover Our Family of Products:
Lawn Mowers | Landscaping Tools | Combo Tools | Tillers & Cultivators | Garden Tools | Greenhouse Kits