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Greenhouse Kits


Greenhouse Kits Offer Year-Round Enjoyable Gardening!
Save Money!  Fresh from Vine to Table!  Daily Enjoyment All Year!

Greenhouses were once considered a luxury but thanks to advances in manufacturing and technology, greenhouses have become affordable and novice-friendly. Whether you are new to greenhouse gardening or an expert, you'll come to appreciate the construction and possibilities offered through Easy Grow Greenhouses.

If you think Greenhouses are expensive? Think Again!

If you think Greenhouses are difficult to build? Think Again!

If you think Greenhouses are just a place to grow plants? Think Again!

Every time you open the doors and enter your greenhouse you'll be met with growing beauty, pleasant fragrance, and welcoming warmth. Where you may have left your greenhouse yesterday without much happening, today you are greeted with budding colors, unfolding petals, and the start of soon-to-be succulent fruits and vegetables.

Greenhouse gardening offers an indescribable level of excitement and reward...especially when the plants you fostered begin to grow and flourish. Fruits and vegetables will taste better, plants will look healthier, and the flowers you give to friends and family will smell better.

Greenhouse Kits Put You In Control
A greenhouse allows your imagination to take hold because you get to control the growing environment, the plants you grow, and the time in which you do it.

Even if you want to grow plants, flowers, and vegetables where some require full sun, some need less sun, a few need lots of water, and some need very little water, a greenhouse is a perfect environment. Depending on what you're growing you can set plants in different sections within the greenhouse so that you can control the amount of sunlight they get and how big they grow until you are ready to replant outdoors.

Year Round Benefits
One of the best reasons to have your own greenhouse is so that you can extend your gardening and planting seasons well into fall or winter or start earlier in the spring. Many greenhouse owners love using their greenhouse all year round so that they can experience springtime appeal every time they walk into their greenhouse.

The EasyGrow Greenhouse is the perfect way to keep your beautiful plants alive and well even when the weather turns cold. Thanks to its sturdy construction, ventilation, and seals, an EasyGrow Greenhouse can give you the perfect environment to keep plants and flowers thriving all year long with protection from frost and cold weather.

Bond With Your Family
Children absolutely love cultivating their own plants and flowers, and greenhouses provide a wonderful environment for sharing, teaching, and discovering with friends and family. Teach your son or daughter how to grow plants, flowers, or vegetables from seed or seedling to harvest. Prepare some recipes with the food they grew or inspire them to give the plants or flowers they grew to those in need. The opportunities to build character, confidence, and responsibility through gardening are endless!

Protection from Weeds and Bugs
Thanks to its enclosed environment, a greenhouse can dramatically reduce the occurrence of weeds and insects. While some types of weeds and some colonies of insects can encroach into your greenhouse via seeds and seedlings, you'll find it easy to address without having to resort to pesticides.

Insects are often more of an may be a problem. Colonies often hitch rides on plants brought into the greenhouse from the outside. Growing the veggies from seeds is the safest way to avoid an all-out invasion. If you do bring in full-grown plants, you should inspect them for insect infestations first. Use a magnifying glass.

Greenhouse Gardening Tip!
Greenhouse pest control can be completely natural. Lady bugs can be used to control destructive bugs like aphids, wasps, or whitefly pests. You can also purchase Praying Mantis eggs and release them in to the plantings in your greenhouse.

Praying Mantis' are territorial and the perfect aggressive garden predator when it comes to bugs. They'll eat anything they can catch, including aphids, beetles, flies, mosquitoes, caterpillars, and moths.

Protection From the Weather
When you own a greenhouse, you are protecting your plants from the elements. Because all EasyGrow Greenhouse Kit models come with ventilation, you will have an easier time controlling the environment inside the greenhouse so that it's more comfortable for you and more beneficial to your plants.

Even as the temperature changes, your greenhouse will protect your plants and seedlings from the harsh elements brought on by summer and winter. Because temperatures can be regulated, your greenhouse will allow for a greater variety of plants to be grown for a longer period of time.

Eat Fresh from Vine to Kitchen
Another advantage of owning a greenhouse is that you will be eating fresh fruits and vegetables. Best of all, you will know exactly what is being put on the plants during the growing process so that you can avoid pesticides and other preservatives. We often never know which chemicals are used in commercial gardening and that can be harmful over a period of time.

With your own greenhouse you can grow your own food, grow your own flowers, and grow your own plants. You'll save money, sometimes even make money, and enjoy better tastes and better aromas in the process.

Room to Grow
We offer several different sizes of Greenhouses to choose from so space shouldn't be an issue. Simply select the size that is best for your yard and needs. Because these greenhouse kits have shelved walls, you'll have plenty of space to enjoy your beautiful flowers, thriving plants, and your delicious home-grown vegetables, fruits, and herbs.

Greenhouse Kit Sizes
Our greenhouse kits range in size from 6'x8' to 8'x12' with a few sizes in between. There are even balcony-size solar huts for small spaces. While there's no rule of thumb for the best size of greenhouse, experts will tell you that for the hobbyist, go for as large a structure as you can afford and fit into your gardening space. Measure the yard where you plan on placing the greenhouse kit so that you can make sure that it will lie on a flat surface, not be shaded by trees, and be easily accessible.

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EasyGrow Greenhouse Kit Features
EasyGrow Greenhouses
provide UV protection, excellent light diffusion, proper air circulation, heat control, and simple push-fit assembly that only requires a Phillips screwdriver and a pair of pliers.

The EasyGrow Greenhouse kit also comes standard with panels for the width of the greenhouse, hinged sturdy door panels, side vents, and roof vents with an auto opener for proper air ventilation.

There is no need for additional flooring thanks to the design and construction of the greenhouse which has criss-crossed steel cables to help make it extremely sturdy and durable.


The built-in shelving units are vented to help control moisture and offer ventilation. The shelving is sturdy enough to add even more structural support to the greenhouse and is ideal for both large and small plants and planting boxes.



Steel Support Cables
The steel support cables add both stability and structural support to the greenhouse while also securing the wall panels.



Weather Stripping
The weather-stripping helps to insulate the greenhouse while also securing the polycarbonate sheets to the frame. The weather-stripping will also help reduce or even eliminates rattling in windy conditions.


Ventilation System
Each greenhouse kit's ventilation system allows for easy air flow and temperature control. The fan-design wall vent opens and closes with a simple turn and the automated roof vent opens and closes depending on the temperature.



Quick & Easy Assembly
The easy-click connecting system makes assembly a breeze. It requires only a few tools and can be fully assembled in 2-4 hours with only a few tools. No need to hire a professional!

EasyGrow Greenhouse Kits feature insulated and UV-protected construction along with twin walls and a powder-coated aluminum frame. Unlike greenhouse kits that come with flaps for doors, our greenhouse kits include actual sturdy hinged doors for added stability and protection.

Ready To Discover Greenhouse Gardening?

Greenhouse gardening is a relaxing and productive way to spend your time. It's been demonstrated that gardening can reduce stress levels and make you more fit. Just think of the possibilities if you and your family can garden year round! Just think of the delicious or beautiful harvests that you will be able to grow, cultivate, and enjoy.

EasyGROW 8 x 12 GARDEN GREENHOUSE $1,999.99

EasyGROW 8 x 10 GARDEN GREENHOUSE $1,799.99

EasyGROW 8 x 8 GARDEN GREENHOUSE $1,599.99