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Innovation: Run Silent, Run Deep - Black & Decker’s 19” Rechargeable Mulching Lawn Mower

Posted on 27th Mar 2011 @ 1:15 PM

Everybody loves a green lawn and tidy landscape; but at what cost to the environment? Electric mowers and lawn care tools have been around for a long time. Along with the limitation of an umbilical cord back to the outlet, there were more than a few extension cords cut in the process of trimming or cutting. Kind to the environment and gentle on the ears, in some ways they weren’t as practical as their gas-powered brethren. black-decker-st2036-battery.gif 

Black & Decker has embarked on ways to move toward a zero emissions and Energy Star rated product line for rechargeable lawn and garden tools. With a complete line of outdoor power equipment tools, based on their 18 volt single source (rechargeable) battery system, they can lay claim to environmentally-friendly and a lower cost of operation. Add the reduced noise levels compared to their gasoline counterparts and you now have the means to quietly run lawn care tools for extended periods of time. Trimmers, edgers, blowers, tillers, and power shears can all run from the same rechargeable battery system.  

black-decker-cm1936-v2.jpgEnter into the picture, the 19” Rechargeable Mulching Lawn Mower from Black & Decker. With half the noise level of a gas-powered lawn mower and a simple lever start – no swift yanks on a cord required – you can mow a 1/3 acre home site on a single charge. Need to mow more? Within four hours you can be at 70% power, and fully100% when left to charge overnight.  

The reduced cost of operation is quite apparent. No annual tune-ups and you eliminate the expense of both fuel and oil. Black & Decker estimates that it will cost less than $10 a year to operate!  

Along with being Energy Star rated, it is fully-featured in every way; the 19” Rechargeable Mulching Lawn Mower includes cutting options of mulch, rear bag, or the optional side discharge chute. And it has a one-touch (single lever), seven position height adjustment for all four wheels. There is also a removable key to prevent accidental startup.  

With the Black & Decker line of rechargeable outdoor tools and equipment, you can run silent, run deep - into the woods and all around the house, on a single charge.