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Differences between Gas, Electric, and Cordless Lawn Trimmer Equipment

Posted on 27th Mar 2011 @ 12:53 PM

Trimming and edging your grass helps keep it healthy and gives your lawn a well manicured look. If you keep up with good lawn maintenance, your grass will grow to become healthier and stronger each year.  

Trimming and edging is one of the most important parts of lawn maintenance. It helps reduce weeds and maintains the shape and structure of your lawn. Trimming and edging requires time and patience and could take a few hours for large landscapes. You don’t need to trim and edge your lawn each time you mow it. Edging around curbs and sidewalks can be done just a few times a year. However, you should trim about every 3-4 mows around hard to mow areas, such as around a swing set, mailbox or flowerbed.  

When you use the right type of equipment, trimming is a simple task. Small areas of grass can be trimmed with manual shears. If your lawn has more than a 1/4 acre of grass, you should use a larger trimming tool.  

The Three Types of Trimmers: Gas, Electric-Corded and Cordless 


Gas trimmers are considered the most efficient and powerful trimmers. They weigh from 9-14 pounds. They are the best for large lawns since they do not have cords like electric trimmers. They can handle all types of landscape trimming, including thick brush or weeds better than electric edgers. Some disadvantages of gas trimmers are that they are noisy and cause air pollution. Ear protection, such as headphones, should be used when operating a gas trimmer. They also require the most maintenance, including emptying out and cleaning the gas tank each year. You can purchase a good quality gas trimmer for about $200.

There are two types of gas trimmers:

2 Cycle Gas Trimmers - They require that you mix the oil and gas before you start.

4 Cycle Gas Trimmers - These are the best trimmers. They are the easiest to use and the most durable and long-lasting. Trimmers that exceed EPA emission standards are the most eco-friendly as they emit the least amount of harmful pollutants into the air. 


Electric-corded trimmers are a good choice if you can reach any corner of your yard within 100' - 150' of an electrical outlet. Many homeowners feel that electric-corded trimmers are inconvenient as they dislike dragging the cord from the trimmer around the yard.

On average, electric-corded trimmers weigh about 5 pounds. They cost less than gas trimmers, but are not as powerful. They are often preferred over gas powered trimmers as hey do not require maintenance. 


Cordless trimmers are the least powerful type of trimmer. They are powered by a battery that lasts about 20 minutes. A cordless trimmer is a great option for those with a small area to trim. Black and Decker manufactures some of the best small, cordless trimmers.

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