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Best Eco-Friendly Electric Lawnmowers

Posted on 27th Mar 2011 @ 12:38 PM

Electric lawnmowers can be seen as either unwieldy and too heavy or too lightweight to get any decent mowing done. Set your fears aside as the next generation of electric mowers hit the market. As battery life improves and motors get more efficient, now is a great time to help reduce greenhouse gases, even by a little bit. Consider getting an electric lawnmower this year for your lawn improvement needs.  

Toro is one of the leading lawnmower manufacturers for home use and their electric lawnmower will be available. Called the e-Cycler, the mower is battery operated and recharges when you plug it in to the wall of your garage. The mower lasts for 432 Watt-hours and has 20 inch blades. The mower mulches just as well as Toro's other gas-driven models and comes with a complete two year warranty. 

Black and Decker's cordless mower receives an EnergyStar rating from the government for up to a third of an acre of mowing power. Great for small lawns, the battery recharges completely from empty in ten hours and has a 19 inch blade. Buy it from Home Depot for $399 from one of the most reliable electric power tool companies in the world.  

Robomowers are starting to make waves in the industry, much as robotic vacuums have done for the interior of the house. Enter the LawnBott 3500, a top of the line advanced electric mower that lets you, or rather the mower, tame up to an acre and a half at a time. With bump sensors, blade proximity sensors, and even BlueTooth connectivity to program the mower with your cell phone, LawnBott runs $3,250 but is as safe as any human-controlled mower and you don't have to do the work. 

Sun Joe Mow can be found in www.greengardentools.com, and for a smaller 14 inch blade, this mower is designed for small yards and does the job well for only $160. For a simple basic mower with no gas or oil, this is what you want for simplicity in mowing. All mowers are available at www.mowers-mowers.com.