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A Perfect Lawn Without The Hard Work With A Robotic Lawn Mowers

Posted on 27th Mar 2011 @ 11:49 AM

You can make the most of your time using these robot lawn mowers as these can be programmed to execute on weekly tasks and that too on their own. You can see them working while you sit back.

Automatic lawn mowers by Lawnbott are very quiet and virtually silent while working. Imagine your mower mowing your lawn automatically and quietly at night in cold winters without you attending it and without even hampering your sleep. Here are few more features and benefits offered by Lawnbott Robotic  Mowers. 

  • No need to collect cut waste grass clippings
  • Environmentally friendly ("green") - no petrol, oil or smoke emissions
  • Many safety features - exclusive, patented
  • Designed for use on over 90% of lawns of any size
  • Waterproof with onboard rain sensor to determine grass and weather conditions
  • Child and pet friendly - Safety Features include stop lift sensor, identifies flower beds, trees, rocks and other lawn obstacles using its high tech onboard navigation sensors
  • With our automatic lawn mower, valuable nutrients are returned to your lawn on every mowing cycle.  

Lawnbott offers a full two years warranty on all robot lawn mower models. All models are available for both the domestic and commercial end user. Join the thousands of people who say their lawns have never looked so green and healthy! Get your robotic lawn mower today! Contact your local dealer here at www.greengardentools.com