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What is Lithium Ion and why is it so good in batteries?

Posted on 16th Nov 2010 @ 2:33 PM

A combination of infusing Lithium – the lightest known metal (soft, silvery elements) with Ions – electrically charged atoms into "cells". 

Their composition gives the best power/weight/density ratio (within a reasonable cost) hence their relatively light weight is ideal for batteries to power a massive range of portable equipment, eg; personal computers, mobile phones, power lawn and garden tools, etc.

How will storage in a cold shed over winter affect the self discharging?

Lithium Ion Batteries are better stored in a cool place than if the battery was stored at room temperature. Lithium Ion batteries will discharge at about 1% per month (1% per day for NiCad) in the cold, whilst they lose about 5% per month at room temperature. This warmer storage will shorten the life of the battery too. So remember, the higher the temperature, the more “life” is used up hence cooling is essential. Storage in a hot garden shed will be worse for the battery than if left in a cool dark location.

The absolute ideal storage conditions would be c.40% charged at around 5°C. However, storing a discharged battery for a long period below freezing point is not recommended..

Are the batteries serviceable, and what about disposal?

No, they are a totally non-serviceable item and disposal is much the same as for any other battery. It should NEVER be incinerated, or go to land-fill, but should be disposed of through accredited waste disposal sites. It can even be returned to an Approved Service Centre for disposal.