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Electric Versus Gasoline Log Splitters

Posted on 12th Sep 2010 @ 5:45 PM

A common misconception is that gasoline powered log splitters are better than electrically powered splitters. There are a lot of advantages to having an electric splitter instead of a gasoline model.

First of all, there are no emissions given off by an electric model. This lets you be eco-friendly for the environment and still get the job done.  A good thing to consider are the new EPA small Spark Engine Regulations for emission standards that become effective in 2011. These regulations are more stringent on gasoline powered equipment, and if you live in California an electric splitter may be your only option.

Second, there is less maintenance required with an electric unit as opposed to a gasoline model. Just plug in an electric log splitter and start splitting right away. You do no have to worry about gasoline or tuning up the motor if you are not mechanically inclined.  

The third is you don't always lose splitting force when it comes to electric motor models. Many electric models produce the same force as gasoline unit with the same splitting capacity.

Finally, an electric splitter can be just as good- or even better than a gasoline model but most importantly is the fact that there is much less noise given off by an electric splitter This is healthier for your ears  if using the splitter in an enclosed area or for hours at a time. The electric models run quieter and cooler with less of a fire hazard in arid regions. Your neighbors will appreciate it also. 

These four advantages justify buying an electric log splitter since it is as productive as a gasoline powered model. If you still have questiosn, please call the writer at 1 888 975 5177.