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Features To Consider When Purchasing a Grass Trimmer

Posted on 7th Sep 2010 @ 2:38 PM

Outdoor electric mowers are cleaner for the environment and can be easier to use and maintain. Consider the following features to find the right quality trimmer for your outdoor needs cutting.

An ergonomic design generally involves a well curve allows you to manage users' access to the trimmer at different angles for a better, safer and maneuverability. This also means that the outdoor Trimmer is designed to be well balanced. Balanced trimmer reduces stress on the wrists and forearms, and also makes the unit safer to operate.

A cordless rechargeable battery powered trimmer can be more comfortable and safe outdoors. An outdoor cordless trimmer is safer, because you have an extension cable long trailer was hanging over the yard that can become tangled or, and also eliminates the risk of accidental cutting of the power cable, while you work.

One disadvantage of cordless battery powered trimmers is the limited run time. To avoid the frustration of leaving tasks unfinished, you need a model that you can remove the battery to be recharged. Then, every time you install a charged battery, remove the run down battery and place it on the charger. This way you always have a trimmer that is ready to go.

Select a model that has easily replaceable blades. There are two types of blades. This is a small sailboat grass cutting grass in tight areas or around the flower beds. Then there is more coverage trimmer enables faster, great for cutting hedges and bushes. If you want a system of easily replaceable blade is used, then the conversion from one type to another is quick and easy.

Some manufacturers offer the option of an extension trimmer handle which is very useful when you are trimming at the lawn surface and want to reduce stress on your back or legs. The extension handle also helps to use the trimmer at different heights without using a ladder or bending down.

As always, find the highest quality materials and design. Ask the professionals at www.greengardentools.com which manufacturer they recommend, or ask your local lawn and garden store expert. A small amount of time to research your purchase will remove the frustration later if you have tools that do not work properly.